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Інтернет для приватного сектору

For the owners of private houses and cottages, we offer connection to our fiber optic network using modern PON technology (passive optical networks).

Such a connection will require additional equipment - ONU (Optical Network Unit) or simply "onushka". This is a subscriber terminal that converts an optical signal into regular Ethernet. After that, wi-fi routers, computers, and media consoles are connected directly to the ONU.

* Вартість зазначена згідно діючої Акції "10=12"


We offer our subscribers the following optical media converters for PON connection:

ONU BDcom (PON 1 port 1G)500 UAH
ONU STELS (PON 1 port 1G)500 UAH
ONU (PON 4 ports 1G PU-E440)1300 UAH
Ethernet (GE 1 port 1G + SFP WDM 3km)750 UAH


Works included in the connection price: Works that are not included in the connection price
  • Laying the optical cable to the house, fixing it on the facade of the house with tension clamps;
  • Hook dowel/anchor for fixing the clamp on the facade of the building;
  • Fasteners for the cable (ties, dowel under the tie, clips);
  • Providing a "twisted pair" cable (up to 20 meters if necessary, without laying inside the house);
  • Construction works;
  • Equipment (ONU) required to connect to a fiber optic network. It is paid additionally depending on the model.
  • Equipment for organizing Wi-Fi coverage inside the house, routers, voice gateways (IP phones), media consoles for TVs.
  • TV settings. Paid separately.
  • Setting up various special devices (satellite tuners, DVRs), etc.;
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